In-home and on-site


In-home and on-site

Standard Tri-Valley rate is $70 first hour, $50 additional hours.

Hardware Upgrades

Get more life out of your system by upgrading your hardware. Does your Macbook need more storage space? Maybe your laptop needs more memory. Is your kid complaining that games won't run on their desktop's graphics? We handle it all!

Hardware Repairs

We specialize in laptop and desktop hardware repairs. Is your machine not turning on? Perhaps that laptop that fell off the desk now has a broken screen. Did the DC jack on your laptop break? We have many years of experience dealing with these and many more hardware problems.

Custom Desktop Builds

If you're in search of a high-end desktop made just for you, consider the option of a custom build. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, work with AutoCAD or edit HD Video, we can build a custom system that best suits your current and future needs while working within your budget.

Malware Removal

Malware can take many forms. Common symptoms include pop-ups, consistent alerts, poor performance, and unfamiliar search engines. Malware is a general term for Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Ransomware and Rootkits. We can handle them all and get your system running clean again, while minimizing future infection.

Ready For Help?

Call us for a 15 minute phone consultation and quote. You may also request support via e-mail from our contact page. We will respond to you as quickly as possible, determine the best course of action, and schedule any services or order any hardware you may need.

Software Issues

Bugs and errors with your software can cause quite a headache. Maybe you can't open a program or your entire system feels sluggish. From individual programs and applications to your entire Operating System, we can help get things running smoothly and error-free once again. 

Data Recovery

It can be very stressing when you think you've lost all of your data. If files have accidentally been deleted, your hard drive was formatted, or your computer just doesn't see the drive at all, you'll likely need data recovery. We can perform software based recovery for drives that are not physically damaged. A trusted third-party will be suggested for physical damages.

Remote Assistance

This allows us to control your computer or device from anywhere. This is typically useful for smaller issues, software problems, maintenance and administration.

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Remote Service

Small Business*

Making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently is a key to success. We handle many business-related issues and offer an array of solutions. Active and Open Directory, networking, business e-mail migration, anti-virus solutions, new employee set-up and admin, and much more.

* - Business services billed at various rates. Please call for information.

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